Opposite Lock RC 1:28 Scale Championship

To get ready for the 2024 1:28 Scale / Mini Z Season OLRC Is Proud To Announce Our First Annual Championship Race.

Novice Box Stock Class
Expert drivers, NOT allowed in this class.
Kyosho MZ9P and MZ9E Motor from RTR, allow change the motor wire and remove the safety switch.
Kyohso MR03S, MR03S2 and MR03 RWD.
Kyosho or PN plastic wheels, Front 8.5mm x 20mm, Rear 11mmx20mm, offset must fit inside of the body.
Kyosho or PN rubber tire only
Traction Compounds NOT allowed on tire or on race surface. Tire warmers are allowed. Tires may be
cleaned with a 70% alcohol solution. If a driver uses tire cleaner that has been deemed illegal, the
driver will be subject to any penalties that apply. Please address any questions concerning tire
cleaners at the drivers meeting.
Electronic & Transmitter:
Aftermarket Remote
Gyro and Receiver build in Gyro is not allowed.
Gear Ratio:
Fixed 9T Pinion with Stock Gear Diff. Pinion - Kyosho or PN 400329 MR2709 only.
90mm to 102mm
Kyosho original AutoScale body, white body, Jomurema GT01 body and TRP Scale body, all parts
must be original from that body, limited wheel clearance modification allowed.
Kyosho Speed House 800HV, Peak Racing 900HV, TRP747, TRP900, PN HP750, PN HP900 and
Silver Horse 800, AAA NiMH 4pcs only.
Option Parts:
Kyosho or PN Ball Bearing, wheel nut and T-Plate only.
It must be run in stock configuration.

RCP 1:28 Scale Mini Z Track

Opposite Lock RC RCP 1:28 Scale Race Track.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday We Transform Our Drift Track Into An RCP Race Track.