Acuvance - Luxon Agile 11.5t Black



World’s first RC motor equipped with [MFCS]

Conventional brushless motors change the magnetic force by changing the distance between the rotor and the motor tube depending on the rotor diameter, resulting in a “rotation
type” or “torque type” characteristic. However, since changing the rotor diameter increases or decreases the volume and weight of the rotor itself, there is a problem in that the motor balance changes
even before the characteristics of “rotation type” and “torque type”. [AGILE] has succeeded in changing only the motor characteristics with the optional rotor having the same diameter and volume by installing [MFCS]. (For this reason, the engraving on the rotor shaft is not the conventional rotor diameter, but the “LV value” indicating the rotation type and torque type.) This may impair the balance of weight, moment, etc. of a standard motor set to the optimal value . It is now possible to change to a “rotation type” or “torque type” instead.