Acuvance Xarvis XX Purple



For all users aiming for the top

The highest model performing high potential in every category.

Equipped with the industry's highest performance FET device

(Our research as of December 2019)

E.S.C. is equipped with the highest level element in the FET element that determines the essential performance of E.S.C. Thereby, the control circuit has been brushed up.

 The basic performance has been greatly improved, and the torque feeling and high efficiency required by the driver has been obtained.

 Equipped with "Battery reverse connection protection circuit" and "Alert LED" for reverse connection.


"XARVIS XX" combines the best output in the RC industry with protection of substrate damage by reverse connection by optimizing the FET circuit.

(Our research as of December 2019)

In addition, it is equipped with an "Alert LED" that informs you of the reverse connection.

This function prevents E.S.C. board damage due to reverse connection for about 10 seconds.

* This protection function is only effective for ESC circuit board.

This function do not guarantee the protection of Chevalier series, capacitors or external devices.


Equipped with BEC voltage switching (6.0 / 7.4V) function

The output current has been increased in addition to the BEC voltage switching function.

 It powerfully drives a 7.4V input compatible high torque servo.



Equipped with two dedicated ACUVANCE cooling fan terminals.

(Including fan for FLEDGE)

Two FAN dedicated terminals are installed to enable simultaneous connection of REY-Storm and FLEDGE.

*[REY-Storm / XARVIS exclusive high-speed rotation FAN unit ] 

*[FLEDGE / Forced air-cooled brushless motor]

(When using ACUVANCE FAN, the original performance may not be exhibited by power supply from the BEC terminal of the receiver.)


Rebuilt our original 3D bridge structure design.

(FAN floating installation)

It is a structure that the FAN is installed floating above the E.S.C.

XARVIS adopted this 3D design that realized efficient cooling for the first time in the world.

The X-shaped design on the top of the ESC created an efficient airflow.

Higher cooling performance has been obtained.



New capacitor mounting terminal

A small terminal for capacitors is installed in addition to the battery connection terminal. This makes the soldering work easier.


XARVIS XX original setting data will be added at any time by installing a new program control circuit 【※1】

Based on XARVIS, a new unique program control circuit to XARVIS XX is installed.

 In addition to the newly installed setting items "torque level / torque end point" and "BEC voltage switching", setting items dedicated to XARVIS XX will be added at any time.

 [Torque level]: Adjusting the feeling of acceleration / deceleration torque.

[Torque end point]: The neutral position is the starting point of the effect, and it is an item that determines up to which throttle position the torque level is effective.


Refer to the instruction manual for details.



The torque level and torque end point functions cannot be used or set incorrectly when using our motors before LUXON BS and motors of other manufactures.

In addition, the torque and BEC-related functions are TAO II exclusive setting items when XARVIS XX is released, but we plan to support FUTABA S.BUS compatible transmitters in near future.


Fits wireless and wired communication by TAOⅡ. 【※1】

The settings on the XARVIS XX unit can be easily changed using the buttons on the main unit, but the use of TAOⅡ greatly expands the settable items and values ​​and dramatically improves drivability.

Since the LINK terminal mounted on the front of XARVIS XX is used for communication with TAOⅡ, there is no need to replace the RX cable from the receiver.

Furthermore, by connecting the LINK terminal and the Brain Unit(*) via the Air Link Adapter(*) wireless two-way communication with TAO II is possible.

*Brain Unit (TAO II All-in-One Package Accessory or OP-15012) 

*Air Link Adapter (OP-15065)


Also it fits wireless communication with FUTABA S.BUS compatible transmitter (update required)

If you are using Futaba S.BUS compatible transmitter, you can connect an optional S.BUS adapter (OP-15067) to change setting data using the transmitter screen. Motor speed, ESC temperature, Battery voltage, etc. can be displayed on the transmitter in real time.

Caution: XARVIS XX update is required to perform wireless communication using the transmitter.