AGFRC - A06CLS v.2 Digital Coreless High Voltage Servo - Purple



FSA06CLSv2-F (Black); FSA06CLSv2-E (Purple); FSA06CLSV2- R (Special-Edition Confetti)

The A06CLS v2 is an update to the venerable the A06CLS: The key feature differentiating the two is the v.2's enhanced voltage handling capability. Accepting up to 8.4v, both speed and torque are increased over it's forerunner.

While the A06CLS servo inherits many advantages from its larger brother the A11CLS, AGFRC has managed to reduce the size while incredibly increasing torque to 2.2kg-cm (now 3.0kg-cm @ 8.4v with the v.2)! With the strength of its titanium gears and speed and reliability of its coreless motor, the A06CLS is sure to become a staple of every great Micro RC car Build.


  • Ultra light-weight Micro RC servo
  • High-voltage capable, up to 8.4v
  • High precision titanium gear
  • High quality coreless motor
  • Beautifully machined aluminum case provides excellent heat dissipation
  • Includes CNC Machined Aluminum Servo Horn
  • Modify various Parameters via optional USB Programmer
  • Serviceable/Rebuildable with this kit
  • Our A06CLS v.2 are specially configured with the standard 20t drive spline for use with existing servo horns and accessories (compatible with Reflex Racing's RX28!!)
  • Designed for Micro RC cars, 1/18, 1/24, 1/27, 1/28 Scale Cars requiring a Low Profile (8mm) Servo (Atomic MRZ, MRT; GL-Racing GLR, GLF-1, GL-GT GL-D, GLA)


  • A06CLS v.2
  • Operating Voltage: 4.8-7.4V
  • Operating speed: 0.075sec/60°@4.8V
  • Operating speed: 0.052sec/60°@8.4V
  • Stall Torque: 1.8 kg-cm (25 oz-in) @4.8VStall Torque: 3.0 kg-cm (30 oz-in) @8.4V
  • Gear: Titanium
  • Motor: Coreless
  • Size: 20*8*17.8mm (0.78 x 0.31 x 0.70 in)
  • Weight: 7g
  • Connector/Wire: JST1.5 / 60mm, 28AWG