DS Racing Competition III Slick Drift Tires (4) (LF-3)


The DS Racing Competition III Slick Drift Tires are precision made to be more round and better balanced. These tires are available in different compounds allowing you to tune the tire to your driving surface. Package includes four tires and four foam inserts.

  • Precision made for better tolerances
  • Includes foam inserts
Width: 25mm

  • LF-5T - Smooth Asphalt or Terrazzo (Hardest)
  • LF-4 - Polish Concrete and Carpet (Hard)
  • LF-3 - P-Tile, Painted Floor and Epoxy (Medium)
  • LF-2 - Tile, Epoxy and Asphalt (Medium-Soft)
  • LF-1 - Smooth Asphalt, Tile and Epoxy (Soft)
  • LF-1T - Smooth Asphalt, Tile and Epoxy (Soft)
  • LF-5C - Smooth Carpet (Hardest)