ISDT C4 AIR Universal Smart Battery Charger


  • Six Slots Independent Charging- These 6 slots work “truly independently”, do not charge by turns or time-sharing, Each channel can be set to different working modes,compatible with 19 types of rechargeable battery .It supports charging for 4*AA batteries or 4 AAA batteries in one lot,It coves varies rechargeable battery size to 26700 battery the Max.(*Support battery AAA,AA,10440,10500,12500,13500,14500,14650,16650,17650,17670, 18650,18700,20650,20700,21700,22650,26650,26700)
  • APP Connection- The ingenious design of the APP instead of the display. Enjoying a bigger view and a smoother touch after wirelessly connect C4 Air with APP, which is full of ease and cool.
  • USB Type-C,charge anywhere- Universal USB-C input port,supports QC/PD fast charging protocol, you can plug and charge with the adapter at hand.With a maximum input of 40W,computers and power banks can also act as power sources.
  • Sound & light indication- Indicator light: standby, charging, charging completion.Prompt sound: battery detection, charging completion, fault alarm.
  • OTA upgrade, never stop growing- OTA upgrade anytime, anywhere, always maintain the best performance of the machine.
  • Cold down, to run at full speed- For a faster and more stable charging, we add a micro fan to keep the machine always cold enough to charge with 4A full speed.
  • Safer charging, with multiple protection- Battery parameter detection and battery type detection ensure exclusive charging configuration for your battery,five protections for overcharge, short circuit, reverse connect, over temperature, and overtime to escort your charging.