Flysky Noble NB4 4-Channel 2.4GHz Mini-Z EVO Radio System w/2 Receivers


The Kyosho Flysky Noble NB4 4-Channel 2.4GHz Mini-Z EVO Radio System with 2 Receivers is a great option for upgrading the transmitter included with the Mini-Z EVO Readyset. This Noble NB4 features a full-color touch panel display that controls all functions and settings. A wide variety of menus including endpoint adjust, exponential, ABS, and model memory (for 20 cars) can be easily navigated. In addition, since the various setting screens have a graphical design, anyone can change the settings intuitively and easily. For extreme versatility, this transmitter also allows left-handed users the ability to rotate the steering wheel to the opposite side without the need for disassembly. Additionally, a built-in battery and a detachable external battery that can also be used to charge mobile devices, means this transmitter offers dual power supplies for extended battery life and improved flexibility. Two Mini-Z EVO receivers are included for out of the box performance.

  • High Visibility 3.5 inch Full Color Touch Panel Display: In addition to a sufficient number of setting items as a high-end model, various items can be easily adjusted using icons and graphics. Also, when updating the firmware, online updates are available on the Kyosho website. 
  • Battery Included: The transmitter power supply includes a 2600mAh Li-ion battery built into the grip, and a 4300mAh Li-Po removable battery that also functions as the base of the transmitter. You can charge the removable battery with the included USB cable and also use it to charge other devices using it's USB output.
  • Adjustable Design: The Noble NB4 has a compact design compared to general transmitters, but by rotating the wheel mount, storage is further improved and portability is greatly improved. The most unique mechanism of Noble NB4 is that you can rotate the wheel mount 180°. This eliminates the need for additional parts or dis-assembly when used by left-handed people. 
  • Two Mini-Z Evo Receivers Included: This set is ideal for those that might have multiple Mini-Z Evo models.
Channels: 4
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Weight: 520g
Internal Battery: 2600mAh Li-Ion
External Battery: 4300mAh LiPo

  • (1) Transmitter
  • (1) Transmitter Li-Ion Battery
  • (1) Large Grip Handle
  • (1) USB Charging Cord
  • (2) Mini-Z Evo Receivers (KYO82151-03)