Kyosho Mini-Z AWD MA-030EVO Chassis Set w/8500kV Motor & DWS (Red) Limited Edition


Kyosho Limited Edition MA-030EVO AWD Mini-Z Red Chassis Set

The Kyosho Mini-Z AWD MA-030EVO Chassis Set with 8500kV Motor and DWS is a limited edition chassis designed for extreme peformance. The MR-030EVO receiver was designed to be purchased and installed as a separate unit to allow the model to be used with other makes of transmitter such as KYOSHO (KT-18/EX-6/EX-6R/KT-531P/KT-432PT), KO PROPO (EX-2/EX-RR/EX-NEXT), Futaba (T10PX/T7PX/T7XC/T4PM/T4PM Plus), and Flysky (Noble NB4). Precision rear double wishbone suspension (DWS) set enables setting changes through toe angle adjustment.

The included Kyosho SPEED HOUSE XSPEED 56 (5600KV) brushless motor features a one-piece aluminum case that provides efficient heat dissipation for superior cooling. Unlike previous chassis sets, you can change to the brushed motor mode though the I.C.S manager to install an optional brushed motor. The I.C.S manager also allows more precise setting adjustments to be made.


  • MA-030 AWD chassis is based on MINI-Z FWD MA-03F chassis.
  • Chassis set comes with separate ESC and receiver unit.
  • Includes KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE 85 brushless motor (KV8500).
  • Optional 82083 I.C.S manager enables precise setting control and use of either brushless or brushed motor.
  • Independent CPU control with increased processing speed delivers even more precise control.
  • Full ball bearing specifications reduces drive loss.
  • Includes rear double wishbone suspension.(Standard black color)


  • Length: 126.0mm
  • Height: 36.0mm
  • Wheelbase: 94.0mm (only with strut rear suspension installed)
  • Gear Ratio: 7.2, 6.4, 6.0, 5.7, 5.3, 5.0, 4.5:1


  • (1) Kyosho Mini-Z AWD MA-030EVO Chassis Set with 8500kV Motor and DWS

Needed to Complete:

  • 8 x AAA batteries
  • Auto Scale Collection (body, wheels and tires)
  • Transmitter
  • MINI-Z EVO receiver unit compatible with the transmitter used