Maclan M32e Pro 200 Competition 1/8 Brushless ESC


The Maclan M32e Pro 200 Competition 1/8 Brushless ESC is a purpose built ESC designed to give you next level performance and technology. Intended for 4S 1/8th scale buggy/truggy or 2S 1/10th scale SCT applications, this ESC features a full aluminum case for maximum heat dissipation and better durability for the off-road competition environment. The M32e Pro 200 Competition 1/8th ESC gives you a super smooth power band and reliable performance in the most demanding R/C conditions.

NOTE: This ESC was not designed for drag racing applications. Maclan's warranty will not cover faults caused by drag racing.

  • Purposely built for 1/8th scale e-Buggy and e-Truggy applications
  • Upgraded internal components with Hurricane aluminum fan and carbon fiber fan guard
  • Silicon coated circuit board for improved durability
  • High-performance 32-bit PIC32 CPU for high speed and accurate processing
  • Next generation firmware algorithms allow for a nitro-like throttle feel
  • On-board USB host + slave dual-mode for ease of connectivity and unlimited extensibility
  • Dual ‘power-on’ options for the ease of operation. (can be controlled by a switch or direct to the battery)
  • All aluminum structures with omnidirectional heatsink for maximum airflow and optimum cooling performance
  • All detachable connectors with several optional length cables
  • Adjustable throttle and brake PWM frequency for fine-tuning
  • Motor/ESC temperature protection and low voltage protection
  • MS Windows 7/10 compatible and mobile app software for data logging, programming, and firmware updating
  • Best performance and durability with Maclan MR8.4 series motor
  • Scale: 1/8th
  • Power Input: 2S-4S Li-Po
  • Intended Applications: 1/8 e-Buggy, 1/8 e-Truggy and 1/10 SCT (drag race not supported)
  • Continuous Current: 200A
  • Peak Current: 1000A
  • Mode: Sensored/Smart Sensorless
  • CPU: Super speed PIC32 32-bit CPU
  • Wire input: Black 12AWG 200mm x2
  • Wire output: Black 12AWG 200mm x3
  • Cooling fan: 30x30x10mm Hurricane Aluminum turbo fan
  • Dimension: 58x48x34mm
  • Net weight: 110g (w/o wires and cooling fan)
  • Support voltage/ Motor KV: 
    • 2S: up to 5000KV
    • 3S: up to 4000KV
    • 4S: up to 3000KV

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