Maclan M32T Pico100 Stock Competition ESC


The Maclan M32T Pico100 Stock Competition ESC is based on the extremely successful Maclan Racing 32-bit platform with many significant upgrades.

  • Smaller Footprint and Lighter Weight: The M32t Pico 100 is 2mm shorter in length and 3g lighter in net weight than its predecessor. It is built with all aluminum case for the maximum thermal performance and durability.
  • Upgraded CPU with 2X of Memory for HD Data Logging: The M32t Pico 100 adapts the same Microchip PIC32 platform, but with twice the memory capacity. This upgrade will expand the potential for next level software innovations such as a sophisticated algorithm and high definition data logging capability.
  • Updated USB Type-C Connector: Another significant upgrade in M32t Pro160 is a USB Type-C connector. USB Type C is more versatile and transmits data faster than the typical micro USB. It is also reversible, so it allows for easier connections and lasting durability.
  • Refined Algorithm and Profiles: Maclan Racing believes that software is the heart of a great ESC. With their 10+ years of experience in RC competition electronics, Maclan has developed the M32t Pico 100 ESC with an upgraded throttle and brake algorithm. This software features a Dynamic Brake PWM function that allows the ESC to have 2 stages of brake PWM to be set up according to the track conditions.
  • Wireless Link Ready:
    The Maclan Racing Wireless Link (sold separately) is designed for transmitting data wirelessly between Maclan Racing ESC and mobile devices (Android OS with 5.0 or later, and iOS with 13 or later).  With Maclan Racing Smart Link App, it allows ESC programming, firmware updating, and viewing data logs.
CPU: Super speed 32-bit CPU with 5-stage pipeline
Scale: 1/10th
Mode: Sensored/ Smart Sensorless
Continuous Current: 100A
Power Input: 2S Li-Po
Motor Limit: 2-Pole 10.5T (4-pole motors are not supported)
BEC Output: Linear Mode 6V to7.4V, 4A
Input Wires: Black-13AWG-200mm*2
Output Wires: Black-13AWG-200mm*3
Cooling Fan: 30x30x10mm HV turbo fan (Optional)
Fan Power: Direct battery voltage
Net Weight: 
30g (w/o cables and capacitor module)
Dimension: 38x30x16mm (w/o cooling fan)
Factory Limited Warranty: 90 days after the date of purchase

  • (1) Maclan M32t Pico100 ESC (factory pre-soldered wires and capacitor module)
  • (1) Maclan ESC receiver cable 20cm (MCL4243)
  • (1) Maclan USB 2.0 to Type-C cable (PC to ESC data cable) (MCL4240)
  • (1) Maclan ESC power switch (MCL4242)
  • (1) User manual and decal