PN Racing Mini-Z KS-M 224 Compound RCP Radial Rear Tire SOFT (2pcs)


PN Racing KS & KS-M compounds are our most popular race proven tire compounds

PN Racing KS Compound:  its known to offer more grip as the tire heat up and long duration.

PN Racing KS-M Compound: its known to offer quick warm up and good grip from beginning of the race, also suitable for tracks in cold climate.

All new KS-M Compound Series (Comes in green colored bag)

KS130 Slick Front Tire SUPER SOFT

KS134 Slick Front Tire SOFT


KS138 Slick Front Tire MEDIUM

KS220 Slick Rear Tire SUPER SOFT

KS224 Slick Rear Tire SOFT

KS230 Slick Rear Tire MEDIUM

KS234 Radial Rear Tire Firm

KS238 Radial Rear Tire Extra Firm

KS420 14mm Radial Rear Tire SUPER SOFT

KS424 14mm Radial Rear Tire SOFT

KS430 14mm Radial Rear Tire MEDIUM

KS320 Type-F Radial Rear Tire SUPER SOFT

KS324 Type-F Radial Rear Tire SOFT


KS330 Type-F Radial Rear Tire MEDIUM

KS334 Type-F Radial Rear Tire FIRM


KS338 Type-F Radial Rear Tire EXTRA FIRM