PN Racing Mini-Z V4 94-98mm Motor Mount for Kyosho Motor (Black)



-Compatible with MR015, MR02 and MR03

-Wheelbase adjustable from 94mm to 98mm.  

- 98mm Configuration Must use PN racing disc damper system (MR2060 or MR2061 or MR2063), Also recommended for 94mm configuration.  

-Wheelbase adjusted with only 4 screws.

-Wheelbase adjustment does not affect gear mesh or suspension set-up. Allows quick testing of different wheelbase at the track.

-Motor drops down for adjustment without affecting suspension set-up especially on a tri-damper set-up.

-Multiple motor height positions possible for all track surfaces.

-Four ride height adjustments with 2 eccentric bearing holders.

-The ultimate motor mount. Results of years of improvement to Mini-Z motor mount designs.


This motor mount only working with Kyosho motor, Screw-in type of motor can't be directly install to this motor mount

You can use screw-in motor With optional parts "MR3311C"