Rhino Racing - Shark - Upper Arm Set - Red


SHARK – Upper Aluminum Arms – RED PURPLE BLACK [Rhino Racing] RR-1200R RR-1200P RR-1200B

These upper arms utilizes bearings on the pins for a more free moving and precision setup. A quick adjustment of the set screw lets you match the marks and adjust the track width.

Special insert lets you tighten the arm for an even more precise feel without sacrificing the smooth and buttery movement of the bearing/arm. The arm also includes a set of special spacers that let you quickly move your arm forward and back for caster adjustment.

The link is made with hardened tooling steel alloy that is very strong. Features marks for your ease of adjustment while maintaining an incredibly durable result.

2 x Upper Arms
2 x Hardened Steel Links (with markings)
2 x 5pc Spacer Variety Set
2 x Hardened Long Screw
2 x Nut for Long Screw
2 x M3 Set Screw
4 x Bearings
2 x Bearing Insert