SkyRC 500023-02 GNSS Performance Analyzer


Type: SkyRC GNSS Performance Analyzer w/Bluetooth
Receiving Device: GPS and GLOSNASS
Receiver: L1 (1575.42MHz)
Updating Frequency: 10Hz
Satellite Sensitivity: -167dBm
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Antenna Type: Built-in
Battery: Built-in
Dimensions: 39x40x16mm
Weight: 35g

• Small size 39x40x16mm
• Lightweight, only 35g
• Bluetooth connectivity to a mobile device for instant feedback
• GNSS technology for recording speed, time, G-Force, and distance
• Barometric pressure sensor to measure heights up to 29,500ft (900m)
• Built-in rechargeable battery (charges via a USB cable)
• Simple to install