Tekin Power Cell 4S Hard Case 120C Graphene LiPo Battery (15.2V/6500mAh) w/5mm Bullets


Tekin Power Cell 4S Hard Case 120C Graphene LiPo batteries are High Voltage capable, increasing both the energy density of the cells and the end voltage. Charging your packs up to 4.35V per cell yields more punch due to the higher voltage as well as increased pack capacity, giving your 1:8 Buggy, Truggy, Monster Truck or Car longer run time. Experience more power and less fade during a run with HV POWER CELL battery packs.

  • Gold Plated 5mm High Power Connectors are designed to transfer current efficiently, Tekin Power Plugs cut no corners. 5mm male connectors and 5-to-4mm reducer connectors are included. The balance port is protected by a rubber dust cover so you don't have to worry about debris getting in! The balance wire harness is included with your 4S POWER CELL battery.
  • 120C 4S POWER CELL packs the punch and runtime you need for your 1:8 scale ride. Charging to LiHV adds even more performance and keeps voltage higher during the entire run so you experience less fade and better consistency. Buggy, Truggy, Monster Truck or Short Course, the 6500 POWER CELL provides top-level performance.
Model: 4S LiHV
Cell Configuration: 4S2P
Nominal Voltage: 15.2V
Charged Voltage: 17.4V
Storage Voltage: 15.6V
HV Capacity: 6500mAh
Max Charge Rate: 1C
Max Discharge Rate: 120C
Watt Hours: 98.8Wh
Connector Type: 5mm High Power Bullet
Balance Connector: 5-pin JST
Dimensions: 5.4x1.8x1.8in (138x47.5x47.5mm)
Weight: 20oz (567g)