Acuvance - REY-Storm High RPM Fan Unit / Purple


Ultra High Speed fan unit for XARVIS exclusive

This is brushed up and realize the world's top class Performance.
The premium design based on a aluminum body has a heat sink function too.
The "X" motif Radiate Design uses the 3D-Bridge structure on the top of XARVIS. High power fan makes highly efficient support of air flow.


You can choose 3 WAY Installation method.
[Cooling fan + Fan Shield]
[Fan shield as heat sink only]
[Fan only]

You can choose the mounting method according to the temperature environment and room on the R/C car chassis.

You can check the performance of REY-Storm by this movie.

※ This product is only for XARVIS.
Please note that the original performance will not be exhibited if it is installed in the product of another manufacture.

※ This product can be installed in Futaba ESC [MC970CR].

Divide Power Cabel is required when using XARVIS and XARVIS XX with FLEDGE with Fan and Rey Storm Fan Unit.