Maclan Max Current 2S/4S Charge Cable Lead w/4mm & 5mm Bullet Connector (Junsi X6 iCharger)


This is the Maclan Charge Cable, for use with 2S or 4S LiPo charge applications with the Junsi ICharger X6 and ISDT Chargers. This charge lead is 60cm in length and features 12 awg cables. This charge lead features 4mm/5mm step down bullet connectors, to fit batteries that feature 4mm and 5mm bullet holes, with XT60 connector on the charger inputs.

NOTE: Will not work with Gens Ace using the proprietary balance lead. This features a standard XH balance lead.

Length: 60cm
Cables: 12AWG 
Connectors: 4mm/5mm step down bullet connectors
Compatible Chargers: iCharger X6 and ISDT models
Compatible batteries: 2S or 4S Li-Po packs