My Trick RC - Drift X Super 1200


Inspired and Proven by the Los Angeles RC Drift Scene, the Attack Super 1200 Package is our most Deluxe Drift Light System. With 9 Blink Patterns for Scale Drift Cars to Scale Street Cars, including wild RC Drift Patterns like Crossfire, Alien, and Wig Wag, the Attack Super 1200 Package offers tons of Lighting Configuration Options!

Also, since the Attack Super 1200 Package is based on our Drift-X Controller, it includes our finely tuned Throttle Response Backfire and Automatic Hazard Lights. All MyTrickRC Light Systems are Plug and Play, and easily expandable if you want to reconfigure or add onto your system.  MyTrickRC focuses on making High Quality, Dependable, Lighting Systems that give you the Best Value and Most Fun from the Hobby.

Unlike those frustrating systems you find online, the Attack Super 1200 Package is a Deluxe Light System that is designed to perform as promised for years to come, and easily outlive multiple bodies. The Drift-X Controller is so Rock Solid in its performance that we don't get returns on them, instead we get compliments on how much our customers love it. Join the club, and find out how awesome your RC Lighting can be.


  • Drift-X Controller was forged by RC Drift enthusiasts
  • Super realistic Backfire when you let off throttle
  • Automatic Hazard Lights
  • Excellent blink patterns including Wig Wag, Crossfire, Alien, and others
  • 3rd Channel Control of Drift Patterns
  • Two versions of Turn Signal for Scale Cars

Attack Super 1200 Kit Includes:

  • Drift-X Deluxe Lighting Controller
  • 4pc 5mm Single WHITE Headlights
  • 4pc 5mm Single RED Tail-Brake Lights
  • 2pc 5mm Single AMBER Turn Signals
  • 1pc 3mm Dual ORANGE  Front Turn Signals
  • 2pc Power Y-Cable for Tail/Brake & Turn Signal function
  • 9V battery Adapter 
  • Mounting Hardware