Onisiki Aluminum Case FUKUROU High Stability Gyro


This is the Onisiki FUKUROU Aluminum Case High Stability Gyro. Designed to keep your vehicle stable in the most aggressive of drifts this gyro adds superb control and precision to any drift build. With multiple adjustments the FUKUROU gives you everything you need to fine tune your drifting experience. Additionally the gyro gain can not only be adjusted physically on the gyro but is also adjustable via an auxiliary channel on your receiver. This makes fine adjustments convenient and easy without having to remove the body from your vehicle. Give your vehicle the precision control it deserves with this FUKUROU Aluminum Case High Stability Gyro from Onisiki.


  • Durable and stylish aluminum case
  • End point adjustments
  • Servo reversing
  • Adjustable gain via auxiliary channel on transmitter


  • Voltage: 4.8 -7.4V
  • Current: 20mA/6V
  • Servo Pulse Width: 1520us (50Hz & 333Hz)
  • Temperature Range: -10°C ~ + 45°C
  • Angle Speed: Max +/- 4000/s
  • Gyro Sensor: 32-bit Processor ,main frequency 120m
  • Dimensions: 26.7x25x9.5mm
  • Weight: 12g


  • (1) FUKUROU Aluminum Case High Stability Gyro (Black)
  • (1) Adjustment Tool