Rhino Racing - Shark - Steering Kit - Direct Drive Servo Steering - V2 Purple


DDSS – SHARK Bulkhead / Steering Upgrade Kit
Direct Drive Servo Steering (V2) YD2

It will upgrade your steering and front bulkhead. Your car will have a direct servo horn styled steering rack. This will give you more adjustment, less play, and a rigidity upgrade.

These kits direct fit both YD2S and YD2E. For YD2Z/RD1.0/SD1.0/SD2.0 and other models, you will need to figure out a top deck solution/choice.

These kits all come with 25T Spline Servo Attachment(Yokomo, Futaba, Savox etc)

*You will need to use your original shock tower OR run HYDRA IFS to eliminate the shock tower.


1 x DDSS Direct Steering System
1 x Set of Turn Buckle
1 x Traditional PIN Upper Arm Mount
1 x Threaded Upper Arm Mount (for use with SHARK UPPER ARM)
1 x 25T Servo Horn