Yokomo BD12 Competition 1/10 4WD Electric On Road Touring Car Kit (Graphite Chassis)


BD12 Competition 1/10 4WD Electric On Road Touring Car Kit

This is the Yokomo BD12 Competition 1/10 4WD Electric Touring Car Kit. It has been a while since the launch of the beloved BD11 1/10 competition touring car kit, so Yokomo devoted themselves to developing an updated platform to match today's top level of competition and came out with this superior BD12. Based on the popular BD11, this racing machine tends to be uniformly designed, while maintaining an excellent balance between pitching and roll, this racing design has achieved an even lower center of gravity. Based on an updated motor mount that controls pitching rigidity, the chassis roll is now being controlled by the front and rear split upper decks, which together with the A.T.F (Active Top Deck Flex) provide a smooth sharp cornering feel. The front and rear shocks have been shortened with bearing supported spring retainers to absorb spring torsion, resulting in a superior linear movement.

The BD12 was designed with the goal to be a top performance and user friendly kit to deliver consistently great results with every race. Get the BD12 to gain the upper hand and elevate above the competition!

NOTE: Finished kit shown in the photos is for illustrative purposes only. See needed to complete list below for a list of items required to complete the model.


  • Extremely lightweight and rigid graphite chassis with a lower Center of Gravity (LCG) design
  • Split upper deck that connects to the motor mount for improved pitching rigidity
  • Shortened shock length with bearing-mounted spring retainers to eliminate twisting
  • Body stiffener on the front hub carrier to prevent the tires from rubbing the body and provide better traction
  • Carbon fiber plate attached to the motor mount for improved pitching rigidity
  • Updated motor position to balance the weight toward the center
  • Updated front shock tower design with additional mounting position
  • Updated rear shock tower with a variety of angle adjustments
  • Graphite long suspension arm
  • Graphite upper deck
  • ATF (Active Top Deck Flex) to provide sharp cornering
  • RTC (Rear Toe Control) suspension as standard equipment
  • Quick release battery hold down retainers design


  • Scale: 1/10
  • Completion level: Unassembled
  • Power plant: Electric
  • Drivetrain: Belt driven 4WD
  • Length: 354mm
  • Width: 190mm
  • Wheelbase: 257mm (Adjustable)


  • (1) Yokomo BD12 Competition 1/10 4WD electric on road touring car assembly Kit

Needed to Complete:

  • (1) 2-Channel radio system
  • (1) ESC (Electronic Speed Control)
  • (1) 540 Motor
  • (1) Steering servo
  • (1) 2S (7.4V) LiPo battery
  • (1) Compatible battery charger
  • Touring car tires
  • 190mm touring car body
  • Polycarbonate paint for body