Yokomo Teams Aluminum 3-Piece Rear Hub Carrier Set For YD-2 (Y2-415ART)


It is an aluminum rear hub carrier that can be used in common with the YD-2 series. Using a universal shaft with a short axle axis for narrow scrubs, setting the position of the universal joint pin as far outside as possible and bringing it closer to the outer suspension arm pin activates the suspension movement, enabling more direct movement. Become. The conventional universal shaft can also be used by adding a spacer, etc., so you can feel the difference in movement depending on the combination.
 Another feature of this rear hub carrier set is that you can choose the mounting position of the upper/lower arm, and by making the upper side a separate part, you can change the length of the upper arm variably, and control the change in the contact surface when rolling. It is easy to use, and it is an effective setting point, especially on road surfaces such as P tiles. The mounting height of the lower arm can be selected from 4 positions, so the setting range of the roll center is greatly expanded, and it is also compatible with the weight adjustment around the rear.

* If you use the bottom suspension arm mounting hole, the suspension arm and the inside of the wheel may interfere depending on the type of wheel.
All mounting positions are available for Racing Performer RP-6313 series wheels.