Z-Performance Mini-Z Jomurema GT01 Ultimate Version 2 Rear Wing Set (Adjustable)


Jomurema GT 01 Ultimate Version 2

Deburr parts with cutter-knife if needed.
Take double-sided adhesive tape on the inner side at the pins to get a better fix from wing to the body.
If you will use M2 screws from the kit, drill up the upper wing holes with 1.5mm drill bits! Hole diameter is only 1mm! you can also use smaller screws if wanted. After drilling up the holes install upper wing and scerws to the basement. Tighten screws softly!
Press on the wing to the body carefully with a flat screwdriver, Use the space between upper wing and wingbase, direct over the pins, like shown on pic 1 (see included instruction).
You can use superglue to fix the pins and the outer sideplates on the body! (more stability)

Parts are paintable